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Pectin -- Variable function in food

Pectin -- Variable function in food


Pectin is a common food additive in the food industry, its main function is as an emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer, etc., which can play the role of thickening stability and improving taste.


It is indispensable to the common food in life:

1. Used in candy, mainly used in soft candy products, the product made of high transparency, smooth and smooth cutting surface, non-stick teeth, sweet and sour taste.

2. It plays a gelling role in jelly, and the finished product is delicate, elastic and tough, increasing the flavor and making the taste smooth and smooth.

3. It plays a stable and thickening role in yogurt, lactic acid bacteria and juice, which can extend the shelf life of products and has natural fruit flavor.

4. It can thicken and stabilize in jam to improve taste.

5. Acid and heat resistance in the beverage, which can stably thicken, increase smoothness and improve taste. In baked goods, it can improve the permeability of dough, enhance the taste and extend the shelf life.




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